• Networking with IT Security
Networking with IT Security

CPIT ( IT Hardware & Networking Course ) is a concise course with a short duration which provides the necessary hardware and networking training needed to qualify as a desktop support person or L1 support person. It has been designed after taking inputs from the hiring companies on the exact skill requirement for the position.

CPIT contents are exactly and only those that are sought by companies looking for L1 level support people, thus ensuring that the students is assured he gets his job.



  • Introduction to Computer
  • Components of a Computer system
  • Booting Process
  • Storage Devices
  • Input / Output Devices
  • PC Assembling
  • Trouble shooting


  • Introduction to OS
  • Server & Client OS
  • Managing System Properties
  • Drivers Installation
  • Fundamentals of File system and managing it , Users & Groups
  • Installing Hardware Devices
  • Managing Application


  • Introduction to Computer Networking
  • Networking Technologies
  • Network Protocol
  • Fundamentals of Networking
  • Implementing , Maintaining and Troubleshooting the Network
  • Implementing Remote Connectivity


  • Introduction to Server OS and Services Installation of windows server 2008
  • ADDS,DHCP and DNS Services
  • Creating user in ADDS
  • User logon policies


  • Basic of Email
  • Email Server / Client
  • Pop and IMAP Server
  • MS-Outlook Configuration


  • Introduction to End Point Protection
  • Implementing and Managing Enterprise grade End Point Protection
  • Introduction to Firewall
  • Fundamentals of configuring a firewall
  • Introduction to policy creation ..etc.


  • Introduction of Data Backup
  • Introduction of Various professional Back up tools
  • Basic Backup Job Creation.

Networking with IT security – The skill organizations are hungry for

Information Technology is a vast field. It covers a number of areas that help a business in many ways. In the past few years, the number of IT professionals increased significantly as the demand for good professionals rose. However, they do not possess the skills necessary to take on the difficulties of future. One such difficulty is IT security. With us, you will be able to master the same.

Information is valuable:

Businesses are now relying on IT systems and information for most of their operations. IT comprises of hardware as well as software and both of them are deeply connected. Organizations use Information Technology to reduce the hassles of their operations and increase efficiency. They are availing these benefits also. However, hacking threats are increasing too, which put the IT networking of any organization at risk.

Provide maximum security:

You can provide security to the organizations by taking our guidance on Information Technology. By taking our training courses or one of our certification course in Mumbai, you can develop all the necessary skillsrequired for a good IT Security career. With a good computer institute, like ours, you will master this skill easily.

Unlimited demand:

You will learn ethical hacking through us along with its uses. Other than that, you will master the basics of Information Technology, which will help you in overcoming any arising problems. Therefore, we will help you become a highly trained professional of this field who will be ready to provide the required services.

Organizations want trained professionals of this field. You will succeed in avoiding all hassles of job finding because the demand of this sector is not going to diminish in the near future. Information Technology is the future and businesses recognize this fact. That is why you should make full use of this opportunity and enhance your career growth.

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