Crysol Academy - Boost Your Career with Hardware and Networking Training


Crysol Academy – Boost Your Career with Hardware and Networking Training

Networking and hardware components play an essential role in the information technology industry. Data and information complement each other functionally and it is distributed by using hardware components like interface cards, switches and networking cables to link a group of networks. Hardware experts maintain and manage the hardware aspects while networking experts with domain expertise connect multiple computers for the purpose of sending and receiving information.

Networking and hardware professionals are in demand across a number of sectors like film, education, media, banking, telecom, product manufacturing and animation. You can become hardware and networking professional by enrolling in an institute that offers hardware and networking courses such as Crysol Academy. Crysol Academy is a best networking training institute that offers career training in IT hardware and networking. The courses we offer are created by global IT leaders.

All the programs in Crysol Academy are tailored to ensure that students gain in depth knowledge and hand on experience in the networking and hardware field so that they can receive appealing job offers.

Hardware and networking classes include studying about the external devices that make up a network. This network plays the role of data processing and transfer. The courses impart knowledge on how data can be supplied, linked and transferred by using hardware like network cables, interface cards, hubs and switches among others. Students who study hardware learn about maintaining devices like modems, computers and CPUs. Networking students on the other hand learn about the processes required to connect a number of computers.

Hardware and networking classes concentrate on the practical knowledge that is required in the industry to ensure that professionals are well equipped to handle real life challenges. Computers are used widely in colleges, offices and homes. Therefore, the demand for people who have taken hardware and networking courses and also possess Red Hat, Microsoft and Cisco certifications will remain high. After students take hardware and networking courses, they can perform several job roles easily including:

  • Network engineer
  • System engineer
  • System administrator
  • Technical support
  • Network administrator
  • IT technician
  • IT manager
  • Security database development
  • Chief information officer
  • Web or multimedia manager
  • Network application programmer
  • Network programmer and analyst
  • Project leader

At Crysol Academy, we offer a hardware and networking course known as the Crystal Program in Information Technology (CPIT). This course is concise and it offers the hardware and networking training required to qualify as an L1 support or desktop support professional. The CPIT course provides students with a live customer site experience. This gives students useful hands on experience on the things they learned while taking the course. The contents of this course are the ones that companies looking for L1 support professionals consider.

There are several things that make the Crysol Academy the best hardware and networking institute in India. One of them is that Crysol does not identify itself as a training institute. Instead of saying that we offer a hundred percent placement assistance, we say that we offer a hundred percent job guarantee. We make this statement as a way of emphasizing our commitment to the success of students.

The other thing that makes us unique is that we update the content of our courses regularly in order to stay current with the requirements of the IT industry. Technical resources provide the training and our courses include special skills that are highly demanded. You can complete our course within a period of forty five to sixty days.

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