• Advanced IT Security
 Advanced IT Security

IT security is in great demand across the Globe. This course will help you add the building blocks for a career in IT Security. The contents in this course are rarely taught by regular training institutes. With the knowledge you will gain from this course , you will race ahead in your career .

  • Networking : Crimping,Implementing Networks, Protocols, Transmission media, OSI layer,Network TroubleShooting, IP Addressing,subnetting.
  • Email Solutions: Learn to implement Outlook with Backup and Configurations.
  • Server 2012: Basic server knowledge, installation of Server OS, ADDS, DHCP and DNS.
  • Mcafee : Learn to implement EPO Server and ENS.
  • Endpoint Protection: learn to implement enterprise level software for endpoint protection.
  • Encryption: Learn to implement leading enterprise level encryption solutions.
  • DLP: Learn to implement leading enterprise level DLP solutions.
  • Firewall-Fortinet :Learn to implement and configure firewall.
  • Policy manager.

Get ahead in the market by mastering Advance IT Security Solutions

Information technology helps an enterprise in accelerating its growth. It does so by easing the day-to-day operations, reducing mistakes, automating basic operations and speeding advanced functions. Every organization is implementing IT solutions to avail these benefits. We focus on providing high quality IT security training courses in Mumbai to overcome any difficulties in this regard. Following are some benefits of learning our advanced IT solutions and security:

Learn for the future:

Technology is changing every industry. Organizations are cutting costs by laying off employees , whose skills are no longer valuable /important to the organisation. Employees lose their value because they do not upgrade their knowledge / skills on latest technologies. In order to stay relevant , mastering our these latest solutions with our Advanced IT Security course is the best strategy.

Increase your earnings:

As IT security is gaining prominence in the industry, IT professionals with security skills earn higher salaries than their colleagues with generic skills. That is so because this field requires a great level of expertise. Understanding protocols, EPO Server, DLP solutions and encryption is not an easy task. Organizations recognize this fact and that is why, they pay the experts of this field amazingly high salaries and wages. You will not find it hard to get a wonderful job in this sector through our guidance.

Become the best:

When your colleagues will be worrying about the latest introductions of artificial intelligence and robotics, you will be rejoicing. That is so because you will be better equipped for those changes. You will not have to face any kind of difficulty of getting that juicy promotion or that high-end job as your training will be future-proof. With our services, you will remove all dangers. Ignorant people suffer the most when disruptive changes take place in the industry. Smart professionals keep learning and therefore, they do not face any hardships during transition periods. If new technologies come, they embrace it and you will too with our help.

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